Friday, June 14, 2013

* The Ultimate Ruler in our life....

A family and friends visited a distant place of tourist importance where issues were better controlled, Systems worked the best, Order prevailed everywhere and people respected Rules and Regulations to the core….

“This place, I love a lot….See! Nothing fails here at any point of time…. I just recollect.... Once my car broke down in the mid of an isolated place when there was incessant snowing…. I thought, I was gone for the night…. In less than half hr of my SOS call, help came and shifted me to a safe place…. Subsequently my car too followed!”

“Yeah! You are right…. This works here so well…. I once lost my way in the busy city and just asked the help…. So perfect is the System…. I close my eyes too, I would reach home…. I had no trouble of getting back!”

“Not this alone…. I once, camped in a forest area....  I was afraid that those Systems around may not work and I may be in danger… But to my surprise, everything was taken care so well and I was safe from all the angles…. Where else do we get this type of safety?”

“I agree with you…. Nothing happens here….This place is different! One is really safe here…..”

“Yes! Yes!  No doubt there.... OK!  Let's move on.... We are here to see the Place!  Now, let's get on to the high rock which extends into the sands below.... From bottom we will have our pictures clicked.... You will never have this landscape anywhere.... But do not go beyond the safe zone marked…. I am seeing the limiting fence alround.... It looks great! Let us climb to that point…. Such a beautiful area in such safe surroundings!”

The elderly in the family spoke soft….."My dear Boys! Be alert, exercise your care and take your own precautions…. Beyond Pray to God for Ultimate Take Care!  The area around might have been well regulated through Rules and Regulations in force but remember, they are all still man made only and fate sometimes will not listen to all these! The danger may lurk in a corner as the rocks are steep and slippery…. There, sometimes all the machinery around may be of no use once the mishap of serious nature occurs and all Systems around may instantly become redundant!”

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