Tuesday, August 27, 2013

This Attention Truly helps!

There is definitely a disorder in my life….The questions here are....Why did I embrace this disorder? Is it not wisdom not to have the disorder?  The first one has no answer as myself do not know where I began.... But the second has a definite relevance and for that I should look at myself alone and nowhere else as no one else is the cause for this!

What is this disorder?  

This disorder is nothing but a doubt in my course of action at a any given moment…. Had my earlier actions been tainted with more and more emotions, the disorder is bound to enter my life at a certain stage with further works guided by these emotions producing more and more disorder only.…

Then what is the solution here as these emotions are a fact with me this day?

Yes, it is true that I am not free from these emotions.... But there is a ‘discerning step’ in every moment of my life where in I only decide the importance to be given to my emotions or the certain Truth of that moment…. And let this question be ever burning in me whatever the immediate course of action I may do!

If I am aware thus, I may by God's Grace distinguish between the Truth and my emotion and with a firmness but with gentleness, guide myself in the direction of Truth at the same time keeping my emotional touch intact simultaneously observing my own reaction to the world responses....And these three unique actions alone bring in me Peace with least conflict…. And there is no better option in front of me at this moment other than living with this constant Awareness and thus Acting through!

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