Monday, September 2, 2013

Freedom of Expression is always limited!

A gentleman and a deep thinker had a great intuition on Spiritual Aspects of Life and had certain instant Revelations within himself.... He used to read with great interest books containing the direct Sayings of Men of Wisdom on Spiritual Aspects of Life which they practically lived through and told the world what is what....

He deeply felt at his heart that he should make a book of his thoughts along with what the Great Men had said, what life stands for, what is the solution for eliminating the suffering in the world etc, a total Insight into Life and Truth! He was sure that people would ultimately be benefited through that publication….

Having decided thus, he quickly made a draft of the same and was about to go for publishing the Write Up.... At that point of time, a few well-wishers advised him to get a formal approval of one Organisation working around to represent those Great Men to avoid any future controversies....  Accordingly the draft was given to the Organisation and it was quickly received, some changes / corrections were made to it and returned in a short time.... A close Associate of the gentleman prepared the final Write Up for printing.... The gentleman was happy that he could finally ready his write up which would benefit the world through preaching of Good Morals, Truthful and Honest way of Living, firming up Belief in God and other Values of Life!

But his experience after reading the final Write Up was totally different.... He found a strange feeling in himself….The gist of the corrected Write Up never looked like what he wanted to convey to the World.... Instead, it looked like partly an advertising booklet for the Organisation commending on the works done / being done by the Group and the disciplines that had been adapted rather than stressing on what the Great men had said and done silently in the world and what he himself wanted to tell openly to the world!

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