Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Looks as Painful, but is sure a Straightforward Way!

Two Assistants were working in a Project under the same Boss.... There was a vacancy of Promotion and as one of the Assistants was extra smart, he was promoted reporting to the same Boss for the same Project and the other Assistant remained 'As is'….

In the new scenario, the Assistant not promoted was offered two options of reporting…. Either ‘As is’ situation would continue, he reporting to the Boss direct or he would report to the promoted one…. And the gentleman instantly chose the second option….

Someone asked him, “How can you report to your own earlier colleague in the same Dept? Instead you would have been more free, had you chosen reporting direct to the Boss….”

The Assistant remarked, "No doubt it is a pain to report to an earlier colleague but in my case, the 'As Is' condition is a much greater pain…. My colleague was specifically promoted to take care of this Project with more responsibility and in this situation if I allow him to work along with me, the Power soon may corrupt his mind and my closeness may bring in an wanted ease in me with him…. If I report to him, all this will set right once for all and our psychologies will soon adjust to the new situation as there would be no go for both of us in that situation…. That way instantly, working becomes smooth....

In work arena, it is impossible to work with full dedication unless Powers of each one are well defined along with the attached responsibilities…. All friendships, relations and other closeness phenomenon beyond have no place there….In case I really want to stop all this, the only way in front of me is to resign from the present job or shift myself to another Project leaving my own Project…. But the Golden Rule here once again says.... 'Always leave only as a Winner in the existing place but never as a Loser!' So, there is no option for me at this point of time!"

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