Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Practice before You Preach!

"A King and a Saint simultaneously advised on ‘Good’ to two Groups of people separately…. Both the Groups had taken up the message and a definite improvement was seen in their actions of doing the 'Good....' Can you tell me, whether there was any difference in the results under the advices of these two Personalities?" thus asked the Master, a Group of ardent listeners....

There was a total silence for a while....

The Master smiled and said, "The King’s advice had always the Authority behind, direct or indirect.... People on the face of it took it and followed without much thought in the direction of 'Good' because whether they liked it or not, ultimately they had to do that way else they were afraid of the King’s wrath, not from the good King really but from the Assistants down the line who could equally wield power partly without the knowledge of even the best king…. Further, these men with power could always alter the result and present it as progressive even though people were ready to break the same at the earliest opportunity.... Thus 'Love for Action' was totally missing here, doing 'Good' remained mostly on paper and rarely found in actions around!

With a Saint, that scenario was entirely different…. First of all there was no advice given there, the Great Man's Restraint and Doings alone flowed around the members of the Group.... Each got the taste of that Nectar according to their interest and were instantly purified…. Under that pure feeling, every one naturally did the act of 'Good' as their own and not someone telling them to do.... Thus with a love for action, 'Real Good' was seen in most of the actions around!"

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