Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Inner Strength is Infinite!

A man was into a big trouble and every one expected him to be down for a while and recover.  But to the surprise of all, he took it cool and instantly was back to his normal works….

Time passed…..

Again the man got into a problem, this time the one which could make any one paralyzed instantly  and recovery depended on the inner strength of the person… But the man stood calm during that trifling time too and soon was normal doing his own works simultaneously attending to the recovery process…. People around wondered at the stability of his mind even in such tough situations….

Some more time passed….

This time the man faced the toughest problem and every one thought he was gone as none could imagine a recovery at all in that tough situation… A few critics even remarked….”All these days, he was be putting up to show off…. So far he had done thus….Now the Gods too have seen his pride and now gave the biggest problem…. His life is partly gone with this catastrophe.  We should be humble before fate and always express our smallness which is a reality…. 'Pride goes before fall', they say and this is a practical example…. Now, let us watch the drama here!”

To the utter surprise of every one, the man was not much perturbed in the situation except a day's down and was back on the track quickly with every inch of energy going towards the recovery process which was no less in volume….

The people around were totally at a loss not knowing what was happening in him…. On a day a few took some time off, approached him with all coolness and said, “Dear! We feel a lot for the biggest losses you suffered in life…. But it appears nothing can disturb you so easily…. What is the secrete behind this strength of yours? We want to know!”

The man smiled and said, “My dear friends! No doubt the problems I faced in life are not of lesser magnitude…. But when such a problem struck me,  each time my wisdom awakened me saying, ‘What do you do if fate aims at a hundred times serious one compared to the present one which is still possible?' That thought immediately used to bring me back to senses and I always thanked the Almighty for saving me from a bigger peril.... Thus I could come back to normalcy and was able to do the required work in that situation for recovery….”

The problem big or small is a relative feeling in one self…. If you can perceive a bigger problem in life which is perfectly feasible in spite of our safeguards, the problem in front always looks small and you are likely to take it light!”

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