Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Impartial Way of Living....

King Yudhisthira and his brothers were living in a certain forest area during their exile period....

At that time, as the story goes, one day the King sent his brothers one at a time to a nearby pond to fetch some water and Lord Yama in the guise of Yaksha stopped and asked them each to answer His Questions first before touching the water which they did not care to reply.... Thus they fell off collapsed near the pond!

Finally, King Yudhisthira went there in search of his brothers and faced Lord Yama.... With all due respect, he instantly replied all the Questions put to him.... Lord Yama fully satisfied, gave a single boon to King Yudhisthira; one of his brothers only would be brought back to life….

King Yudhisthira replied, “Reverend Sir, I am the eldest to my mother and I am alive.... My other mother had two sons and both of them are not alive now.... I pray, You please bring back her one of the twin sons, Prince Nakul to life.... That way both of my mothers will have their one son of each living here afterwards....”

Lord Yama pleased with the Dharma followed by the Great King, brought back all the brothers to life!

That is exactly the way one lives in an impartial manner! It is a great quality by itself.... It does the real good to the world and under its spirit every one lives with their full freedom of expression and dignity!

Duties are always sacred….There is no doubt at all in discharging these duties without an iota of partiality….And here alone lies the catch! If I get it, I am the Master and all around me including myself are the true beneficiaries in the process....

When the Great Personality was asked the question, “Suppose your son and another young man are exactly in need of your whole attention, whom do you attend first?”, the Great man replied, “In such a scenario, doubtless I attend to my son first!”

When questioned whether he was partial in that way, the Great man replied, “Under an exact situation, I have a more duty towards my son than to the young man!”

And the Path is truly so crystal clear with the back up of that impartiality....

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