Friday, October 18, 2013

The Inevitable 'Change in Life!'

The young man was having his own life style…. Money was not a problem….

“Any how, whose money is it? The father is earning and so the son has no problem…. Himself does nothing for an earning but his life style should be lavish!” were the harsh comments behind when he was out late night a few times soon after his graduation and when he was searching for a job….

That struck him seriously; soon he increased the pace of his search looking out for his own earnings through a good job…. He was smart and so getting a job with a handsome salary was not a difficulty….

“Now, this is my money!  I can do anything what I wish with this!” thus he thought….

"You should be careful in your spending.... Here, your habits too are important…. Too much of easy money in the hands of young people forever is a problem….” were the comments from others indirectly and directly from the parents.….

Soon he was a responsible man in the society with various duties with him…. At that point of time some sizable spendings were there on a few occasions….

“You should be vigilant here when huge monies go out…. After all these monies are very much required in future for you and your family…. Keep a watch!” was the advice from a few well wishers….

He was a man of mid forties…. With certain enthusiasm ventured into a business which failed…. Many sympathizers were around him….

“Dear! You should be careful in such Ventures… Money lost cannot come back! Check well before investing…. After all our monies are not huge but precious!” were the good advices and indirect comments….

In no time, he was in mid fifties…. Holding a Senior Role in his Company…..

“Why are you wasting your monies and energies late night outside? You young people should get into the discipline of life…. After all monies do not grow on trees…. Do you know how much hard you work here to get these monies? Be careful…. I am not telling more than this because it is your freedom…. But better be disciplined and come in time for work…. Next Monday if it happens, I will not keep quite…. ” were the words of firm Advice and Order directly from him finally when his subordinates were late for work on a Monday morning…. 

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