Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Where 'Love' for 'Right Actions' dominates, 'Criticism' simply takes a back seat!

“I am not at all happy with one of my cousins' son’s behavior!  You see, we had done a lot for him, still are doing and in that context we may expect a little…. So to say, a few returns, that’s all!  Actually, what we are asking is nothing…. Even to return that, he shows all his grudge!   I wonder why he will not feel grateful for our services.... He was with us for the past 10 years and you know, we educated him, fed him all these years and took so much care.... After our push alone somehow he has secured a job and now of course lives on his own…. And in no time, all this is forgotten!" thus was expressing a middle aged man his anguish to a friend of deep wisdom…. 

The friend listened to him, paused a while and said, “My dear! I understand your turmoil....   But is all this talk warranted? Are you not feeling bad to talk like this about a young boy who was staying with you in your home for the past 10 years? I feel sad to hear all this!” 

“What are you telling me? Am I wrong in questioning the boy’s attitude? If you want, I can tell this in front of his parents also.... He should know how to respect the elders and should know who helped him all these years....” blurted the man a little angrily…. 

"Listen my dear!  The boy is having a dis-interest in you people means his 'rightful living' seems affected” said the friend comforting his companion....  “And if I am honest here, I should first check for any unwarranted demands from my side...."

"What do you mean?  Having done so much, can't we expect this much recognition?"

I don't say that you should not expect....The point is…. You are discussing all this means you wish to bring down the boy indirectly and nothing else.... It is sure not to protect yourself as you are already safe in this situation and nothing you will lose here.…In fact to act in the right direction, no discussion is required…. 'I am discussing' means, I need an approval for my doing! I should discuss this type of matters only sparingly when someone is doing a physical damage and to stop him from such actions, that's all.... Else it is not at all required!” 

While departing, the wise friend smiled and quipped, “Do you know, if my own son behaves in a similar way which is rare, I will never say that he is wrong but instead I will firm up in myself with a single thought.... 'Let me simply do my duty towards my son; that's all!'.... And when one does not come in this group, I will say all this so easily…. Having done the job as promised to the boy's parents why not here too, you simply keep quite and let the boy behave in whatever way he wishes?” 

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