Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Responsibility, often 'Unseen!'

An elderly man was living with his big joint family…. Many members around…. Naturally in their own way and partly in their own world….

He was unhappy for sometime as he felt that none of the members were listening to him the way they used to listen and they were not caring for his needs as they used to do in the earlier days….

One day he happened to meet one of his friends who was a well wisher and a deep thinker in his life…. He just said to his friend, “Dear!  Days have changed and along with my people too have changed…. Now, they dont take that type of interest in me as they used to do earlier…. Forget about the interest, even if I tell now something, they argue and question back…. Except this, all is well and I am only perturbed by this indifferent attitude of theirs towards me…. If this continues, I am worried........"

The well wisher friend comforted him and said, “Dear!  I agree with you that you are getting less attention from your people even though you are interested to advise and help them…. May be you want to hand over your assets and responsibilities to them after educating them to a certain level on handling and taking care of these…. But....” the friend paused and continued.... “If you see in depth there is a beauty here…. They are all your people and they believe you as their man…. That still remains intact and it never vanishes as our attachments are very strong…. Here you will not leave them easily and they will not leave you so…. Seeing this bond at the back, can you live in a way so that you make yourself available for them at any instance, work of course within your limited capacities to provide what they expect and silently withdraw yourself from the situations where it is their own expression and personal area?  If you can do this honestly, your present turmoil would never be seen as pain but a dedicated effort towards betterment of all and nothing else! Here, there would be no place for any murmur as you just do the so called your duty which still morally remains with us even though we are not answerable on that….”

While departing the friend quipped, “Here you start living for the other man in constructive way and that other man who is your man is eager to receive that help....  Why are you delaying?”

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