Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It is Mother Nature’s Order....

A young man was in a difficulty….No doubt a great difficulty!

Every one felt sad for him and was trying to help him out recover from the misfortune.... That way life was limping back to normalcy for him.... At this point of time, a close friend of him  
unprecedentedly offered his physical help whatever that he could extend at that point of time and reiterated that as his duty.... The young man was really happy and his confidence boosted him to a thinking level that whatever may be the difficulty, life would be worth living as long as such friends were there... Thus he was relaxed a little and was active on his routine jobs….

During one of those days, the young man had a chance to meet one of his distant relatives, an elderly gentleman who was considered as a man of wisdom in his life.... After a brief meeting, the elderly enquired how the young  man was getting on in life in general.... The man at the back of his emotion answered that his friends were all supportive and a close friend had shared his burden partly helping him the maximum....

The elderly looked at him for while, paused and said, “I am happy to see that you are doing well and recovered from the mishap.... Your friends no doubt did a great job and are really doing that even now.... But I advise you to take control of the situation yourself, not to take things easy and relax further any more....”

The young man really felt offended.... Instantly, he was angry with the comment made by the elderly but controlled himself….

The elderly continued, “My Dear!  I understand that you are hurt.... There is nothing wrong done by any one of your friends and they are really doing the best in the situation.... But certain responsibilities of yours are always yours only....  It is Mother Nature’s Order here.... They cannot be delegated to any one on the earth as long as you are in 'Fit and Form' condition.... People are sympathetic and helpful to you but they can never take your problem on them including the closest ones.... Thank them profusely for all the help they extended so far, get up and get into action yourself!"

While departing the elderly gentleman said, "Whatever may be your situation, your own right doings out of your physical and mental exertions at the back of your own resources are still the best for you and others around you in your lives... If required, in such scenarios a 'limited buying help' can be treated as one of the options that can be used where required.... More than this, no other actions can substitute for actions of yours required at this moment!"

The young man was totally taken aback when the serious mistake he was doing at that point of time was revealed to him by the wise gentleman!

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