Monday, December 30, 2013

The 'Stamina of Youngsters' is definitely different….

“Take precautions everywhere!” was the message that an elderly Head of a joint family constantly used to give to the youngsters of the family.... But as usual, many times preparedness was lacking with them....

Once, all these youngsters had planned an adventurous 'Outing' into the nearby forest....  And the elderly was advised by other senior members of the family to accompany them.... Knowing well the attitudes of the young, the elderly silently carried with him all the essentials and known gadgets without revealing the same to them....

The adventure thus began…. Soon they were deep into the jungle valley, the time being past 12 midnight with incessant rain pouring and the temperatures touching the lowest.... And exactly there only, the vehicle gave way!  Self repair did not work and outside help was out of sight for the rest of the night....

The youngsters were totally dumbstruck in the situation....  The elderly smiled over their childishness, immediately took out all that he had brought and made them comfortable and safe for the rest of the night in the vehicle itself with some food, warm woolens etc without any need to venture out! The next day morning, they took some help, cut short their adventure and were returning home....

The elderly gentleman was all proud.... On the way, he said, “My dear! See how your lack of preparedness had brought you to a ‘No-Go’ situation!  Suddenly, you had to face pitch darkness where you could see nothing, hunger in the stomach which is a real pain, cold temperatures making you shiver and wild creatures if you venture out... Since I brought many essentials and safety gadgets, you were saved in time.... So always follow the Golden Rule…. Everywhere precautions and preparedness!”

One of the youngsters said very politely, “Dadaji, a similar incident happened earlier too.... Actually, at that time we had gone into much deeper trouble.... We did not tell the same in the house....”

“My God, you concealed all that!  God bless you....Then what happened?”

“We got the help too.... One kind gentleman gave us lift but unfortunately his vehicle too gave trouble when we had gone further deep into the valley to exit out!”


“That’s all! Nothing happened.... We bravely faced the situation without essentials and with no safety around that night and till next day noon.... Finally we were out at noon from there with some help!”

Suddenly, it struck the elderly gentleman that youngsters have an extreme stamina of withstanding a tough situation to the limits that helps them many times come out of dangers unknowingly they get into where people of his age had lost that long back!

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