Monday, December 16, 2013

The tight 'Rope Walk' in Business....

A man went a Shop and wrote in their Book....“Had a very pleasant experience of purchase when your Mr…… interacted and helped in my buying!”

The same day evening, another man who visited the Shop wrote....“I had such a bad experience of buying and I am walking out because of interaction with Mr….... (The same person)!”

The Owner who was away for the day got wondered at this and asked his Manager in the evening what the reason was.... The Manager, an aged man of fifties said, “Sir! The first Customer was decent and he had to some extent an understanding that a good job backed by quality can only come through if one had a little patience and appreciation for the doer and it worked a wonder....  Our boy was all happy for recognition of his worth and out of this motivation paid a special attention to his Customer....

The evening Customer was a short tempered personality and had no values for the hard work and quality behind the Service rendered.... He simply started finding out the defects which even a perfect personality will have one or the other.... Naturally our boy reacted for bringing him down when he was really trying his best to give a quality Service.... The short tempered man any how was not interested in listening to him as he had not come for buying but only to pick up a quarrel!”

The perplexed Owner asked, “But how can we erase the impact of his writing in the Book?"

The wise Manager said, “Yes, Sir! It is problem and it affects our reputation....  But if we reprimand our boy, the business will be affected as he is contributing a lot here.... We have to take a chance here and see how further things move....  Any how, let us see the numbers from now onwards….Who write in his favor and who write against him.... That alone ultimately shows our boy's real capability of facing a tough Customer with his quality work.... Based on that let us act..... Better, we don't do anything immediately!"

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