Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why do many the so called, 'Welfare Programs' fade out soon?

A man was very much interested in doing a Service to the Society around.... Simultaneously, there were enough resources too with him for that Great Work....  He had specific time, sufficient finances and a little prominence around to get things done or make the issues move easily….

He, accordingly started his Sacred Service with that great interest....  in no time, men and material as required were deployed for the purpose....  And all necessary clearances and permissions could be obtained in time, if not easily….

Time moved on…. 

Slowly, the man started noticing that the pace of the activities had come down in time even though the activities themselves were going on and further noticed a deficiency in the 'Quality of Service' delivered compared to what was there initially as well as what the original aim was....

“I appointed the best people to do these jobs and they are equally doing the required job.... Also, my supervision through trust worthy Assistants is quite satisfactory as I see around.... I, myself am checking now and then and keeping the strings pulled in time where required....  In spite of all these cares, the whole program has slowed down.... I am unable to understand the ‘wrong’ that had taken place here....” Thus he was thinking constantly within himself....

One day, when he visited an elderly well-wisher and a man of wisdom, casually mentioned this issue with him and sincerely wanted to know the reason for the Program to slacken….

The elderly smiled and said, “My dear! No doubt your ambition was great and even now continues at the same level!  But, remember you have put in the direction of this 'Great Work' only your 'body and mind' but not your 'heart and soul!' Like wise, the others too with you are doing ….

Just sees simple case of  how a parent works for his / her ward.... He / she puts in the maximum resources sometimes beyond his / her reach, does many core jobs himself / herself leaving only the unimportant ones to others around, personally monitors the activities and sees that the welfare is done to the root level else he / she will not sleep.... And  not a single activity is let off without this total care!  To say precisely, the parent is ready to work 25 hrs a day, if required and if given, for the betterment of his / her child….That’s the reason, the child always grows up to almost the best personality in the world…. Are you and your people doing / able to do in a similar way or is it a 'secondary work' for all of you?"

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