Monday, January 27, 2014

The Essential 'Body Care'....

"I am totally lost…. I don't how to come out from the present situation…. I am squarely fixed up here….

From every corner, there is pressure…. The Office Work is unending…. Hours of work are increasing day by day…. Targets are too tight…. Boss says everything around is important…. Naturally the work has to be taken home…. Thus late night sitting on important jobs has become the way of life…. And this is eating  into my sleep schedules…. Even to sit and have my food in a relaxed way, there is no time.... Also, because of this continuous pressures I am forgetting many things….That once again comes in the way of work completion….

The family pressures too are not less even though the family members are fully co-operating here…. But how long and how much they too can put up with these pressures?  Naturally I have to take over certain works of the family in the interest of every one…. Those works too eat into my rest and sleep…

With all types of these pressures, there is no time to eat properly, take rest and sleep well… And there is no time for the mind too to relax through a holiday forget about going on vacation….

Thus my body and mind are becoming sick with these pressures…. Any time they can buckle under pressure…. Then the whole drama comes to a 'dead stop'…. God only save me in the present situation!”

Thus was speaking out an young man of thirties one evening to a well-wisher at the back of his responsibilities of demanding work and unending family responsibilities which were making him almost a dead personality….

The well-wisher heard him full, paused for a while and said in a soft tone, “Dear! Take it easy and never think that the Systems around you have collapsed…. Whatever it may be, the life around goes on and it is the Eternal Law and none can stop it…. We should just respect this Universal Law here and be doing our exact Role in the process with all honesty and sincerity…. You should never think more than this….

Life in time itself shows the good behind all this as we are doing the best here…. But I would like to make 
a small correction here  in  your approach…. Your body and mind are the Primary Tools with you in this entire process in front of you and taking care of both of them properly thus becomes the primary responsibility with you.... All other responsibilities are important only when our bodies and minds are properly taken care at the Standard Level…. A Neglect here, soon results in majors problem of living and ultimately come in the way of all 'these resposibilities' you are talking of…. What is meaning of this entire drama then?”

While departing, the well wisher patted the young man and quipped, "The Great Saint too while in the Sacred Task of 'Realization of Self' found that starving the body through severe Penance is not the Right Way and having starved and thus weakened His body, He stopped the same Meditation, accepted milk and some food and restored His energies.... 
Following this, He subsequently sat in Meditation and vowed never to arise until He had found the Truth.... And He attained Enlightenment through which the entire World is greatly benefitted! 

Thus the 'Highest Goal of life' too was halted  for a while to take care of the body and mind from existence point of view.... Then where do our  so called other responsibilities with us which are much much below the ''Sacred Task the Great Saint had in front stand when it becomes essential to care for our and bodies and minds?"

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