Saturday, February 15, 2014

Humility 'Gains' Everywhere!

A man of fifties was a man of pride.... He used to be authoritative both at work and Home more than required.... Whenever, someone asked him to be a little gentle while dealing with people, he used to hit back, “I have a valuable experience.... Both at my work and in my life.... I faced many odds in my work and in my personal life.... My Promotions in my job were purely out of day and night toiling and incessantly fighting for the same.... At home, I had to pay lots of attention when my children were young so that they get the best in their life.... With such a backup alone, this day I stand here with all pride that I really did what I wanted.... I advise every one around to be strong in this way and never feel weak / leave out the issues very easily.... Now, please tell me why I should not be assertive one hundred percent?” he used to ask back.... And no one could answer him....

An elderly well-wisher, known to him from childhood had observed that strange behavior in him for sometime and at length decided to advise him on the same.... Accordingly, one evening he met him and after a brief talk coolly told him, “Dear! Since a long time, I wanted to tell you on one issue and today I found an opportunity for that.... Please listen to me carefully.... I tell you.... You should go soft with people around you as you interact with them.... The reason is simple.... All your achievements, gain in knowledge and experience of today are not exclusively of your own make.... These partly belong to these people too who were with you all these years working along with you....They had just given away for your gain! These people must have been compensated all these days with certain monies which in our view may be 'big' but truly speaking, that return is far less.... The only Entity that might have been missing all these years is your gratitude and the eligible receivers of the same are the present generation in front of you as people are One and the world is One!

The best way of this return is.... As you deal with people around you, many might have been seen with their own strategies, ideas, ambitions and expressive tendencies..... In those qualities, the ‘Newness’ is a great Entity....You have to make use of this 'Newness’ for your work as well for the good of the world.... To tap this, the only way here is to motivate the man with you through praise when there is an achievement, through a gentle approach when he / she faces a difficulty, by being kind when he / she fails and through genuine support when an ambition is seen.... This Great Service is expected from you of your Caliber and Status at this point of time and never this energy of yours should go wasted in pride, authority and suppressive attitude!”

While departing the elderly quipped, "Further, you may remember.... Both your way and my suggestion give plenty of returns.... Your way.... A miserable feeling and the way I suggested, Peace of mind for the remaining phase of your life.... And of course, the choice is purely yours!”

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