Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My 'Contribution to Humanity' has 'No Limit' if I am 'Truly Interested!'

A rich man had a great ambition.... He wanted to do the best in life through his Riches and a Service in the society around.... And he was a firm believer of God.... During an Auspicious month of every year, he used to get up early in the morning at 4 AM, after a minimum of daily morning chores, get into an hr meditation.... Subsequent to that, he used to sit for Prayer and sing devotional songs through a two hr session....  At 9 AM, he used to start his Charity, continue for more than an hour and thus was helpful to the needy in time.... Later in the day, he was getting into other Programs of his life.... He thus used to continue these activities for the whole month without a break.... Rest of the period in the year, the man used spend his leisure time in reading Philosophical books, attending to various Discourses and involving in many Chartable Activities.... People who observed him felt in themselves that the man definitely would have the Grace of God bestowed on him without a say!

Some yards away from his Bungalow at the end of the street in a small house, a mother having limited finances with her was struggling herself for that whole Auspicious month and beyond to attend to her baby's needs along with her work.... She used to leave the baby to the care of her well-wisher when she would go for work and as soon as she would return, attend to the baby till the little one is well taken care in all respects with cleaning, feeding, playing for some time and finally rocking him to sleep in the cradle.... The baby thus used to sleep comfortably with all the warmth and care of its mother.... People just used to say that she was hard working and taking care of her baby; that’s all!

But the Almighty’s Grace was in a different direction.... The Divine Blessings were more for the Woman rather than for the Devoted rich man.... To a question raised in front of God in respect of this Different Assessment, a Firm Answer came up..... “The rich man no doubt is my Devotee and all along, he is doing a good job in the world....  But the mother who is incessantly caring for the little one is doing a much greater job.... Here, the home which is the center of the baby’s gentle cries constantly soothed by the warmth and affection of its mother through the creaking sounds of the cradle is truly Blessed by Gods on all occasions as the Contributor here is doing a greater Service to the Humanity compared to the rest around.... The Lady is truly helping in bringing up, may not be a rich but a good man around who later in his life would surely do many more similar good works.... And here, the rich man’s doings are always secondary compared to the lady’s care towards her child as the man is doing all this as extra and that too because his fore fathers have left their fortunes with him but the woman without any such back up, is totally giving out her 'sweat' for the baby's growth which essentially is the need of the hr!”

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