Saturday, February 22, 2014

The 'Best Opportunity' in Front!

Nature is my Original Teacher; none else.... I can learn many things from Nature…. And for this to happen, what all I need is an ‘Open mind’ with me…. Nothing else!

And the ‘Gate Way’ to this ‘Open mind’ is when I firm up to free myself from the so called my ‘Worth’ or ‘Specialty’ which includes my Own Values, Opinions, Dogmas, Theories, Beliefs, the Likes & Dislikes etc without ever questioning the same in my next man….

Of course, freeing myself from all these should never be a path of burden to me; instead  it should be a path of effortlessness through the instantaneous understanding of the Spirit of Living.... Here, a lighthearted way which requires no great energy inputs alone works and all along my Ignorance makes every effort to stop this from happening....

Then what is the way in front of me?

Whatever may be my level of Free Mind with me or the associated Ignorance in me as a first step
, I should wholeheartedly acknowledge 'The Entire' in me and then instead of getting carried away by the influence of my ignorance, I should gently get off from its overpowering force and start working through discharge of my responsibilities attached to me in this life which forever result in betterment of my next man and world at large.... 

And through this Sacred Action alone, I should be living all of my life till the Grace of Lord descends on me.... Any deviation here, by force of habit is no sin but to be corrected in me instantly when I become aware of it equally working to set right right the damages accrued in the process to the Outside World.... Other than doing such actions, no other Action Mode is Sacred or Great here.... Further to this, what truly is in Store for me in this life is purely the Wish and Will of the Almighty alone and none else can define that in advance!

And here, all the methods of Honest Work help, no Special Paths bring quick results and no Materialist Experience has an edge…. And the Progress made in this direction alone ultimately secures me the 
'True Peace' in this life and automatically becomes the 'Right Material' with me that I can take to My Deity as my best Offering whenever I visit a Place of Worship!

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