Friday, February 21, 2014

The 'Natural Expression' is a 'True Beauty' in life!

A King decided to keep his City in Order…

“I see everywhere messy affairs…. It is time I set right these issues fast…. All people should have their Freedom and Peace in their lives…. To enjoy these two, no citizen should unnecessarily be disturbed by the neighborhood where at times many activities go on haphazardly …. I am going to make suitable Rules and Regulations in this context….

  • Every citizen should have a code of Social behavior beyond which it is unlawful to interact or intervene with others…. 
  • All pets should have a discipline and should never be allowed to cause nuisance to any one around…. 
  • All Greenery in the city should be maintained in a trimmed condition to the required sizes and shapes to beautify the surroundings…. 
  • Rest of the life in the city should exactly live and move in the allotted places and be groomed in an orderly way!” 

The Orders came into effect immediately and within no time the whole town turned really Orderly!  The King was extremely happy….

During that time, the neighborhood King visited him on a day, felt a bit strange Expressions around and asked the reason for such behaviors in the City…. The King explained with a pride the background of his Order….

The neighborhood King laughed and said, “My dear! In the process of implementing the Order to secure Peace and Freedom for your people, you have basically forgotten the 'Spirit of Expression' behind every 'Living Being'…. I am seeing no doubt, your Peace and Order outward but what exactly in the minds of people and other life around are Unrest and Confusion!”

To a query on the face of the King, the neighbor said, “Dear! Nature is originally Wild and Dis-orderly…. But, in that Wilderness and Disorder alone there is a built-in Order and Peace for every living being…. Why don’t you freely allow those Behaviors and Expressions as they are in all around limiting them only at the real interfering and threatening levels with respect to others?”

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