Friday, February 7, 2014

The 'Noise' Vs 'Silence' in Management....

It was morning hrs 9 AM…. The Estate Manager’s Office in the Huge Housing Complex was busy with hectic morning activities…. The Manager was seen actively moving around, instructing a few, questioning some and listen to others…. The atmosphere was full of vibrations and movements….

“Mr Rajesh! Where is the Plumber? Flat No….... Resident has a problem with the Water Supply…. He rang up just now…. Send the Plumber immediately there!”

“I am not seeing the Electrician since morning…. I think, he is late today also…. You should be strict…. Bring him to me when he comes!”

“The Gardener is not coming today and he informed me by phone…. Please ask someone to take care of watering the plants for today….”

“The Cleaning People are not doing their job properly…. Many complaints are with me…. What actions are you taking? If this is  allowed unchecked, soon this Complex stinks and every one will ask why we are here.... Take care, Mr Supervisor!”

“Hi! You have come…. Why are you so late?  The Office starts sharp at 8 AM  my dear!  I don't want this indiscipline any more here else you have to find another job.... OK, now go to Flat No….. immediately; they have a Short Circuit problem…. Set it right…. If some thing goes wrong, we will all be squarely blamed…”

“Rajesh, I see the Security Boy at the Gate simply allowing people IN without a check…. Dear! this way, a stranger can get access to this place very easily…. Talk to his Boss and ask him to replace the boy with a better man....”

“Many complained that now a days, their Post is not being delivered in time…. Why is it so? You have to streamline all these issues else you know what I mean…. Take care of your job, dear!”

“Hello! Yes…. Please…. Sir! we cannot send the Technician, the moment you ring up…. I noted down your Complaint, he will be at your door step after lunch!”

“Hello! Yes! Sir…. I am there in 2 minutes! What Sir?  Yes!  I noted down the Complaint…. Sir…. These Residents too cannot wait for a few minutes…. The moment a problem comes up, they expect immediate attention…. That way we don't have enough manpower to take care everywhere… I am 50 now and I have an experience of  working in similar jobs for 30 years.... I’ll explain…. Daily, from the time I come to the Office in the morning, my voice is forever heard aloud in the entire area…. No one moving around will miss it…. That itself is the proof that I am after every one, chasing them towards doing their works…. Inspite of this much hectic shouting and constant driving people around, still some one is complaining means he is expecting simply the moon…. You can ask any one here,  how I manage my Office…. I am coming there….”

A month passed….  Suddenly the Manager’s popular voice was missing…. Enquiries reveled that he was asked to resign and go and in his place, the earlier Supervisor was promoted and posted  as Manger…. And to every one's surprise, it was almost a total silent atmosphere around in the Complex….

Strangely, there were no major problems except the routine ones in respect of Power, Water, Cleanliness and Security other activities being well under control with no major complaints from the Residents.... The new Manger was silent all the time with not much talk except the soft tone heard once in a way but every one being on their jobs and life in the Complex maintained smooth and friendly….

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