Monday, February 10, 2014

The 'Other Life' too is very much Possible.... Why not give a Try?

A few young men were of the opinion that life is meant for hard work, body take care, enjoyment and nothing else.... "Why to interact unnecessarily with others, disturb them and thus get into many problems? Instead be yourself, do everything of yours yourself, beyond that enjoy the life in front and thus keep a smile! This discipline never leads to any quarrels, misunderstandings or frequent fall offs!” was their motto!

An elderly well-wisher, a man of deep wisdom observed that behavior of the young men for a while and finally decided to correct them gently. Accordingly, he met them one evening and a brief interaction said with a smile, “Dear boys! I appreciate your views very much on leading a disciplined life, minding your own work and thus be self dependent contributing to the wealth and welfare of our society at large…. But a small point….” the elderly paused a while and continued, "You said that you are by yourself without disturbing others unnecessarily….Tell me, how are you doing your work and other activities without coming in contact or communication with people? Can you please explain?”

“Sir! We do our work which is a must, take care of the bodily needs which are too a must and rest of the time enjoy and be happy! Yes! We agree that we come across various people in these activities... But the discipline with us makes us do the right interaction and there the matter ends! What is the problem here?"

“Yes! My dear! There is no problem from your side…. But remember the other man in interaction with you during these times is also with you for these purposes only…. And I agree that everything is perfect here when these interactions are to the point but is that practically happening in our day to day life or conflict and confrontation are seen many times?”


“Dear! Our living itself a continuous interaction with the world.... Here, definitely the fights are inevitable and if they are not happening this moment, are sure to come out as they are only bottled under the lid! At that time, the damages are going to be definitely not at the expected level but at an exploring level not imagined!

See, friends!" the elderly concluded, "In this scenario, there is a still a wonderful solution in front of me and if I mind, I can definitely do it!…. It is.... Firming up myself with a feeling.... Let me straight away forego my entitlement to a level feasible where the decent life is never questioned and where the moral values are always upheld! That way, I may not be a great Possessor / Enjoyer in this world but will surely be the Owner of a life of the least or no conflict!

I being a human should at least attempt doing a few of these 'Scrifices' too in my life, instead of always be ready to close my gates to the world at the earliest opportunity justifying....'I am not disturbing the world.... I work, I take care of myself and I enjoy my life!'”

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