Monday, February 17, 2014

The Total 'Discipline' required....

A wise elderly man narrated an Event thus….

“One in life used to say, ‘Enjoy and live the life in full!'…. Another used to say, ‘Make a fortune and safeguard yourself!'.… The third used to say, ‘Share and live with others!'…."

All the three suddenly got into not-so-easy problems in their lives....

The man who enjoyed the life maximum was helpless…. The man who made good finances was no doubt comfortable but helplessness struck him too…. But the man who shared in  his life could face the problem boldly and the companions around him too shared his difficulty in whatever way possible….”

Listening to this, a young man asked the elderly what one should really do in life as enjoying in life is a primitive force in an individual, saving for future is an in-built safety mechanism and caring for others is treated as the right human approach…. The elderly smiled and advised thus….

“Problems of various levels do come in life.... The Greatest Men on the Earth had the toughest problems in their life! That way no one can predict a problem and no style of living will change the course of an impending problem beyond....
  • One who lives to himself / herself all the life no doubt will be happy but will be the weakest in the moments of a difficulty…. 
  • One who lives making riches will feel the same way except for the abundance of finances with him / her to have certain facilities in difficult times…. 
  • The person who shares and lives will have a great Mental Strength to put up with the difficulty because the nature of sharing interest from the beginning conveyed a message to the inner Self that all here is neither rosy nor guaranteed....That 'Inner Feeling'  will be the ultimate strength of the person since that belief had firmed up over a period of time....  Only such a person will be ready to address the problem in the true sense…. 
Of course, here the choice of living one's life is purely left to the individual and it is better he / she averages out everywhere!”

The young man at that moment truly understood the concept of living the life forever with a right thought…. “I should live with ease and relax as I wish, save enough as I earn, spend on a decent life and save the remaining but all along share the same with others too all along my life!" 

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