Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Truly Expressing myself never demands Preparedness!

A young man had a great ambition to pursue certain interests in his life.... He thought thus…. “My ambition will never feed me and provide essentials in life.... For those requirements and future coming up family needs, I have to earn through my work, save monies the maximum and thus soon secure for a stable present and future.... When done in this way, I would definitely be a free man and can comfortably and steadily pursue my interests and express myself as I truly wish!” Thus he decided and got into a set of planned actions simultaneously making it known to every one around….

An elderly well-wisher of the young man who happened to be a man of wisdom heard his talk a few times and at length decided to speak to him….

One cool evening he met him at a place and after a few enquiries casually said, “My dear! I understand that you are taking all the care and preparing yourself for major eventualities so that you would not be disturbed unnecessarily as you start doing what you wanted to do in life.... But please tell me one thing…. Having done all this, where is the energy left out with you to concentrate on your the so called 'Ambition?'  Most of it would have gone into this preparedness and with that left out, what concentrated effort you can make to Investigate or Probe?”

The young man had no instant answer for the question….

The elderly smiled and said, “Look dear!  When I am highly charged in one direction, there will be no an extra time and extra energy for preparedness in life and all these will be used fully for the subject Investigation and Probing…. Further, all people around me too at that point of time would be propelled with eagerness to help me out as my Probing then would become the very purpose of Nature….And to say truly....The Entire Universe would respond in that direction!

The very fact that I am well planning for all the eventualities itself shows that the 'Ambition' in me had not reached the level required for true Investigation and Probing! It is always wisdom that I make a firm note of this before proceeding else my pride would over take in no time through a feeling of superiority, achievement and success and does its own unaccountable damage around without myself knowing it and umpty number of stories have repeated thus in the past.... Do you want yourself too be doing that by being neither here nor there?"

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