Sunday, March 23, 2014

Meaningful Life....

When it is truly understood by me that
  • Nothing was great done by me in the past 
  • Nothing great can be done by me in the present and 
  • Nothing great will be done by me in future.... 
I will straight away start doing ‘The Right' in my life.... Else I can never locate this 'Right!'

What does it mean?

I always have a task in front of me to be done…. And the discharge of my basic responsibility is forever associated with that Work…. It can be a Work that is naturally taken up by me as part of my liking, tradition, unique position, luck or the one taken up for my earning and living….

Let me put a question to myself daily when I begin this very Work….

'Can I do this One in the Right Way?'  

Here, the Right Way is basically nothing but doing the Work for which the job is created in this world or exists by itself…. If this much is done, the best is sure done by me in this life and confidently I can raise my head above all as the Owner of reasonable Peace and Happiness in my life coming up....

The Great Saint had said,

“Whenever we go to a new place on a visit, we first take a lodging accommodation, set up ourselves there and go round the town / city for sight-seeing, as when it becomes dark, we have a place secured for rest and stay in the night…. It should not be the other way…. 'It is already night and I have no place to rest!'  

In the same way, we have to first secure ourselves in life when we start living…. The 'Right Way' of doing our Work is nothing but securing against all future turmoils of life which form the dark part of our life including a few times, the evening of life too!”

Have we surely secured ourselves here?  If not, WHY NOT THIS MOMENT?

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