Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Where do I stand in this 'Comparative Life?'

A man of mid forties had made many attempts to succeed in few ventures but unfortunately fate never favored him and he miserably failed round the corner….Thus, he had left with no option other than continuing the task with him for his living, was into it and thus leading his life….

On one of the occasions, he happened to meet an old colleague and quickly found that his colleague who was little less than him earlier was doing a better job with more earnings and perks of settlement in life compared to his own.… On a second occasion, he met one of his Assistants in the earlier jobs who happened to be a smart man, changed few jobs quickly and became a Senior Executive in one of the topmost Companies…. Another of his colleagues was found to become in no time, the Managing Director of a Company through higher studies and thus had gone up in his status too fast…..

The most distressing factor was that even a man who was many times written off by his Bosses earlier, found prospering in a different business of his choice doing much better….

As the man compared with these people, he felt miserable and was almost angry in himself that he was the only person who never progressed beyond and stayed with modest growth in his job for almost so many years.... He was thus depressed and was just out of mood…

A well-wisher of him, a man of true wisdom and deep thinking who observed him for a while started questioning him for the apathy he was showing on many issues and taking no interest in the usual activities…At length the man was out….

The well wisher listened to him in full, smiled, patted him and said, “Dear! In this life all cannot be at the so called 'The height' in their lives…. Thus as seen, many are small earners but all these people have one great quality in them…They are fully contented with what they got in life.... It is just a comparative life we are living even though it appears almost real that I lost a fortune in my life… My fortune for a big Earner is peanuts and a fraction of it for a small Earner is a whole time achievement of life…..This is the trick our mind plays on us pressuring us at any level saying that 'You are losing!'

Here, the right way is correcting my wrong actions and be ready to take up any challenge at my level which reasonably is feasible considering my other responsibilities in life and my own temperament…. Ultimately The Almighty has a bigger Plan for me and in that Plan I have a greater Role to play…Thus for ever I should feel happy as I am playing that Role incessantly without wasting my precious time in idling or the so called 'distractive enjoyments and pleasures beyond!’

“If you can do this much and understand this doing, I can say that you as a truly contented man is the biggest achiever in life with peace of mind at the back where the impermanent to certain extent have been replaced by the Permanent!”

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