Friday, April 25, 2014

My 'Respect' for the 'Other Man' is truly on 'Rise'….

  • When I am ready to do my basic body maintenance works as much as possible myself alone…. 
  • When I simply do my duty in respect of the other man even if he / she feels not necessary to do so…. 
  • When I do not very easily do a wrong proposed by another even under pressure…. 
  • When I start seeing distinctly the difference between the 'Responsibilities' and the 'Likes'…. 
  • When my life can always happily go on with something 'less' than my actual eligibility …. 
  • When I am reasonably later in consumption and earlier in offering…. 
  • When I do not keep too much for times I may never be existing, interacting or consuming…. 
  • When I talk as less as possible and listen as more as possible…. 
  • When I can talk more and more openly in front of a man what I talked of him behind…. And 
  • When I never praise so easily the people for whom I have to invariably work! 

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