Thursday, April 3, 2014

One Situation; different Solutions!

A man of pride thought…."These people are not at all helpful. What I tell them, they will not do…. It appears, they need some pressure on them…. Straight way they do not listen…. And things cannot go on like this for ever and I have to end this soon…. Further, advising here is no use….Let me rule through my authority.... Here, fear is the the key…. There is no way in front of me other than this!"

A man of maturity thought…."The people are same everywhere. They do not change much…. It is I that should see this and turn them nicely towards my work…. There is no point in grumbling, blaming others and thus waste time.... And any punishments aimed at bring only the short time changes…. Give people what they want, create competition among them and thus make them work for you!"

A wise man thought…."All people are quite good.... Each man has a particular skill and certain capabilities.... I should create interest in them, turn them to my side and make them work for me…. Lots of convincing and education alone will help here…Along with these, I too should be doing my job honestly….Practice before you preach! Then everything really works!"

A man of deep intuition thought…."All people are basically good. In fact, they are sincerely doing all the time their jobs…. I am only interfering with them and I call it my living…. What is the great meaning of this 'my living?' Let me discipline myself here….I have to live because there is a body and there are certain basic needs with me…. Let me just live the life to meet these requirements else life is a pain….To this extent alone I have to manage and live with my people…. Beyond this, let me not expand in the name of great life and thus get into so many unnecessary activities without which too a life can go on…. Let me divert my left out energies for the betterment of my next man without any expectation in return and thus be in communication with the Almighty all the time!"

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