Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Grace of Almighty....

A man was very ambitious.... He was proudly narrating his discipline in life to a group of ardent listeners....

“I take all necessary precautions well in advance.... I feel that they are a must.... If we cultivate this culture, many perils can be avoided in our day to day life.... This discipline includes keeping up time everywhere, noting down in diaries the commitments and learning at every step by molding ourselves continuously..... And this to a large extent sees that nothing goes wrong so easily!"

"Next, I try to manage all the issues well.... You see, human emotions are funny....  What you think is possible in a way exactly comes to a halt when the person involved in doing that shows resistance unknowingly.... This prediction is a mountainous task and often motivating your man to support you is a Herculean job.... I manage these two aspects meticulously so that the people whom I depend upon are always with me...."

"The last is…. In spite of these two having been taken care, still matters do not move by themselves unless followed up well in time.... So the third activity viz., continuous follow-up is a must in our life and I do that day and night without a stop..... I feel that a good follow-up soon wakes up the half sleepy, nips in bud the relaxing tendencies and systematically weeds off the unwanted! Thus, things would be in shape all the time...."

"These are the three entities I depend upon continuously for obtaining the best results and progressing in the right direction....   I advise you all too to pick up the whole of this discipline to do the ultimate in your jobs and in general, in your life!"

An elderly, a man of wisdom who was listening to the the man's talk for a while gently asked him with a smile, “ My dear! Have you forgotten one more discipline to be with you in this scenario?”

The man shot back a bit impatiently, “What more is there here, Sir?”

The elderly said, “Are you constantly Praying to God along with your hectic activities described just now?   Remember, even an ant will not bite unless the Lord Orders!  Please be totally active all along in your life through this Surrender alone.... That way your discipline would be complete and you would be doing nothing less here! Else pride in no time will take us to the edge in all these matters where we find ourselves suddenly aimless and directionless to proceed further!”

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