Monday, April 21, 2014

The slow Poison….

“This is the sacred duty I have taken up in my life…. The father had left the boy with me at this young age…. When I take care of him well at this point of time and bring him up the best in his life, a great Service is done to the Humanity…. God has truly given me a Golden Opportunity in my life…. I' ll do my best here…. Later in my life I have to answer the Almighty on all this take care!” was the proud proclamation of the then man of thirties….

“These monies involved in the task are the sacred monies…. It is said that in all these instances, one is a Trusty and I should work as if I am the Manager to the Trust…. I’ll maintain all the details of spending towards the boy’s development…. The Records truly speak at any time!” was his assertion at forty….

“Yes! it looks, spending these monies may not be that much advisable…. But how about the Chances coming up in the boy’s life? He is an adolescent now and it is the crucial stage in his life…. Let me spend in all directions…. One or two may go waste but it is still worth the trial…. That’s where one’s true development lies….” thus was going on the talk in his fifties….

“People may talk…. But as we do this work, I know how much we have to struggle… Some times, my own monies are spent away because there is no point in waiting…. Plus or minus, the welfare activities should go on forever…. That’s the aim!” A defensive attitude was seen in his late fifties….

“I am retired…. The boy is in his twenties now with his degree and a decent job in his hand…. I said, my task is over, he is independent and he can handle his finances himself… But you know... He said he has no time and expects me to look after some of his tasks myself only…. Actually, I have no energies in that direction…. Since he had asked, I can’t say ‘NO’…. I just do his works from now onwards, for a small salary…. That is very much needed at this stage for my living as I do not have regular income…. More than that, I leave everything else to him to manage…. He is fully grown up and capable now” was the final soft talk of the fully grey haired man at the back of a smile….

Yes…. Some of the welfare activities were truly done…. The Beneficiary, an young man of 25 was well placed in his life and society…. Well done! But when carefully looked at the Development taken place and the total cost of Development of the individual over all those years, there was a mis match, the cost appeared to be more even though all that was justified towards the monies forcibly sent during the struggle and chance taking…. But the figures in the Accounts of the Retired man discretely were smiling behind all that justification….

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