Friday, May 23, 2014

A 'Democratic Governing' alone can bring the 'Change!'

It is a fact that in Democratic Ruling, whenever a deficiency comes up or continue to exist in a certain Group of people, vested interests always surround the Group with all promises and plans to set right the deficiency.... In this process various Programs will be brought out with rigid time bound targets.... Naturally people will be excited and an emotional wave soon follows.... But all this will never bring in the required change instantly and if it happens it is a miracle only.... Truly speaking, an honest person behind a simple Program only will bring the real change... Rest may be simply in the game of passing the buck and gaining the intermediate.... 

But equally too, we cannot keep quiet for the honest person to surface as that day never comes up so easily in our life time as one hundred percent honesty is a rare entity to be found in this world.... Meanwhile, time never waits and something has to be done too to alleviate exploitation and suffering.... The only effective tool here is  keeping a constant vigil.... Thus, accepting the Programs should go on as usual but keeping a vigil on the progress is a must.... Here, everyone who is a beneficiary in the Program should always be ready to raise a voice for any injustice done in the implementation.... Sometimes these protests will be indirectly silenced by the powerful involved.... But that is the only way in front and  therefore all Programs should ever be dynamic both from implementation and follow up point of view.... 

In the process some good will be done; equally some damage too but ultimately life moves towards betterment only as being static is no solution for the problems and a dynamic state alone can help there but when and how is always a question to be answered with time.... Here ultimately, the damage and the effort involved in questioning are the costs one has to pay to accrue the good! But no problem as nothing comes free in this world and even the mother gives milk only when the baby cries!

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