Sunday, May 11, 2014

'A True Service' in Life....

Once, a Master asked his Disciples thus....

“Suppose a friend of yours leaves his aged parent under your supervision for a day under the pretext of some urgent work but goes around for own relaxation / merry making.... You, suppose at that point of time fully knowing the friend's intentions still accept the task not able to say 'NO'.... In that scenario, if the aged parent develops some urgent requirement on the health front which needs your time, energy, money and attention and further the friend could not be contacted at that moment, what is course of action you would like to follow?”

A few replied on their own perception what to do and the Master smiled and looked at the others who were silent all the while..... At length, one Disciple with all Humility said thus….

“Reverend Sir! It is no doubt that one should never leave the responsibility of taking care of the parent with any one else around for own enjoyment in life and that way the individual is surely committing a great sin in doing that! And who knowing all this accepts the care of the elderly man just because he could not say 'NO' on the face of the request is equally committing a sin.... But somehow having that happened at the point of prime need, if the one given the temporary charge of the parent stops the required service to the elderly person, he is sure committing a greater sin.... It is imperative that the man take care of the friend’s parent in the best way as required and handover that responsibility as soon as the friend is located or returns on his own.... Further, it is better in such a scenario, he does not ask for the return of anything spent on the elderly in that connection unless the amounts are beyond his reach.... It is the best discipline if the man subsequently speaks nothing of the Service he had done in the absence of the original Caretaker thus avoiding criticizing the friend in the process!”

The Master smiled and said, “God Bless you my Dear! A true Service to Humanity ultimately stays in such Works alone!”

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