Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Knowingly, should I permit This?

“My job is great! I am very much busy here….There is no time to relax…. Any how I am happy with my job except for the Boss…. But you see, all Bosses will be like that only…Ever nagging; never satisfied! OK! It is time and I've to go now…..”

“Dear! It is great that you have great job satisfaction…. Such people at work will really do wonders! And I insist that you should always do a job in which you find the max ease, love to spend your time in that and feel that you are leading a life of fullness…. In fact, the Almighty has His Plans whereby in such scenario one truly brings out the Unique Entity required in Nature for the benefit of people! I further say that you should never stop this activity but continue doing….

But a small advice here….

Whenever you do a steady job in this world, there are two aspects related to it….

No 1 is.... You are doing it to make a living....

No 2 is....You are doing it because you love it....

No doubt if it is the second reason, what you are doing is OK…. But if reason is the first one, I have a question.... Are you earning enough to make both the ends meet and are you earning approximately what your Counterpart somewhere else is earning?”


“See, my Dear! I may be honest, but a few times I myself am unaware of the reality that I continuously come under a great rule which in fact may not be so great and when I thus accept this ruling out of my own emotion, there is going to be a state of myself always taking less but giving out more! No doubt I may be many times helpless and constrained here but if that is not the reason, is my emotional interest constantly over shadowing this reality?”

“It is a fact that many times, my own unlimited emotions are a block to my development and in that context unknowingly, I myself would be handing over certain additional powers to someone in the field who can make use of that for their own selfish gains! The right way here is to take courage and straight away stop doing it for a while!”

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