Sunday, May 18, 2014

Neither 'Total Enjoyment' nor 'Practicing Renunciation' is the Way!

“Master! I have a doubt.... I am presently leading a particular life and that is highly interesting to me.... I am happy with what all is presently with me and what is coming up in my life.... But our Philosophy says that everything is impermanent here, enjoyments are short lived, and pain can surface at anytime.... Thus we are asked to be moderate in everything everywhere.... I beg to differ here as I strongly feel that if such a thing really happens let it happen, I will get up, recover and once again start my life afresh.... For this, why should I presently cut down on my enjoyments and thus be living a small life in the name of taking care of myself? Kindly clarify to me on these aspects...."

“My dear!  In life, it is a fact that what all one says in own favor at any time, he / she will be anyhow doing whether asked to do or not.... It is again the fact too that when something goes wrong a little bit serious, the person connected there would be in no position to face the magnitude of its impact which can never be imagined before the wrong happens.... There is no way of freeing oneself from this inevitable doing and exposing to the risk as the ignorance in life forces the man forever in this direction alone!

The task of being freed from this ignorance is not one’s immediate aim in life even though that is an aim in a corner of one's life.... The immediate task for a normal personality is start leading the life in a balanced way listening to the inherent tendencies of him / her at the same time not yielding to everything of that and thus move on..... 

In this context, depending on the level of individual’s Elevation, our Sacred Books have recommended certain duties to be done all through our lives.... We should be sincerely doing these Sacred Works along with limited enjoyments and in the process if pain strikes in between, bearing the same patiently and thus sailing through is the only way with us.... That way alone our day should go on this Earth along with a sincere Prayer to the Almighty for Overall Take Care as He is the Ultimate Doer everywhere!  This is the right discipline for any individual here rather than recklessly getting into various enjoyments with an expanded feeling when the next moment itself is unsure or trying to copy Renunciation when the inside volcano is practically simmering in front!”

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