Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The 'Never Ending Game!'

Long ago there was an ‘Original Expertise’ around…. People were into it, the True Experts were in News and the Followers too were True Lovers of being into that field of Expertise at various Gradations….

And Time moved on and brought its own Great Changes ….

The Followers increased in numbers but the Experts making a living out of the Expertise too increased but in a disproportionate way…. Many mouths to feed! No doubt, the Resources were limited but a few who had less Expertise but more Smartness were active in the field…….

Soon serious Thoughts and Plans were on the anvil…. When such a mushrooming takes place around any field two things definitely do happen…. ‘Dilution’ and ‘Different ways of saying the same!’

So slowly many Boards started appearing…. 

  • The Super Expertise…. Nothing to beat it! 
  • The Extra Ordinary Expertise….You can never believe! 
  • The Novel Expertise….From the Very Roots! 
  • The Very Unique Expertise….A life time Experience! 

Soon people gathered around the Places of ‘The Single Expertise’ often talked with different Names, Titles, Medals, Propaganda and what all not there in the Original Expertise and what all not needed for the Original Expression and thus life had spread out around in a Great Way….

The Pay Master was happy…. So, Nothing could Stop the Momentum and Many were Shining…. But the Destination was Really Unknown!

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