Saturday, May 17, 2014


“I always feel for the condition of the less privileged.. We have to do something for them.. They work hard but get less payment.. That’s why I decided whenever I employ someone or hire someone’s services who invariably have less finances with them, to be liberal in their remuneration for the work they do and give additional tips everywhere.. This way, at least I contribute something for their cause!” said a man with all his emotion towards the plight of the poorer communities around..

“I do not agree to this.. The economics of work and pay are always harsh and monies are never available in excess and paid liberally else where.. I get more because I struggled for that through my education and I must have been be gifted with certain skills.. These alone determine the pay I receive.. Small earners are put to hardship because either they have lesser skills or their skills do not have higher demand.. That’s all! You cannot change this equation in the world!” thus replied his friend with all firmness on the subject of discussion..

A well-wisher to both of them who was all the while listening to their conversation, intervened and said, “My dear! You both have said certain facts but did not speak fully on the subject.. The less privileged earn less and compensating them through excess money is not a permanent solution and that way monies are never available in plenty with us.. But rightly said, they have to be taken care.. So I am neither harsh here nor I sympathize them.. The right way is.. Let the man do his / her work honestly known to him/her and let him/her receive only that much as per the market demand and supply around.. It is truly a sacred money with him / her.. Since such people have fewer resources to fend themselves and their families in other aspects where in their true development lies, let me put a question to myself, ‘Can I help these people in their growth and development indirectly?’ This, I can do by making them access certain welfare facilities available for them through a service or contribution at large and educating them more on their rights and privileges available around.. That’s the best activity I should do and that way I would be truly serving the community and helping them..”

While departing the elderly quipped, 

“Remember! Easy money concept is bad and the idea that I live for myself is equally bad.. Living away from both is the true safety in life and I should ultimately do that at any cost!”

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