Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A 'Soothing' Customer Care?

A funny part of an Office Life....

In the Boss’ Chambers….

“Yes! My Dear, Manager! You know.... It seems, your that boy Sampath had called our Chief Customer Mr Swaroop on phone last evening.... He should have walked down to his Office to clarify his doubt…. And you should have instructed your man not to do that…. In this Company, our GM and MD alone can call him on phone…. Right now, go the Customer’s Office along with your Supervisor and convey our apologies to the Chief for the same…. Else, our business will sure face many hurdles in the coming days….”

“OK! Sir! Right now, I’ll do that!”

At the Customer’s Office….

“Sir! we apologize on behalf of one of my Assistants for directly talking to you on Phone…. We are sorry about that!”

“Look! My dear! Your man does this and you say sorry even he being not in my presence….I won’t accept…. Do one thing…. This moment call your that Sampath and warn him not to repeat the mistake…. Please do that first!”

“Ok! Sir! we’ll do that….” saying thus, the Manager turned to his Supervisor and said, "Ring up to your boy now and tell him..........."

In the next few minutes, the Supervisor heard talking to his Assistant in a low tone from a corner of the room, “Hi! Swaroop…. What are you thinking about yourself I say?  Why did you call our Customer Chief on his phone? Mr Swaroop! Be careful and listen to me…...... And promise me that you don’t repeat this any more…. You are a small man in our Department to talk to a big man like that on phone….........”

As the advising thus continued, the Manager sheepishly was briefing the Chief in a softer tone.... "Sir! My Supervisor had told his boy what all required.... That boy will never repeat this mistake anymore.... His full name is Sampath Swaroop…. They all call him by his second name many times.... OK! Sir! I take leave now.... Once again sorry for all the trouble we gave to you.... Bye! Sir!"

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