Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Human achievement is 'Great' but is always 'Limited!'

“Now days, the communication is on finger tips.... Our dear loved Ones may be in any corner of the world, we can daily see them and talk to them very easily.... We can follow up with them in no time, know their requirements, give guide lines for any action to be done, if required advise in times of exigencies and keep all information update.... It is as good as they are living with us! How much improvement had taken placein respect of communications? Never did we have such facilities in the olden days....

I don’t know how our forefathers felt when their dear ones were away in own country and for days together they could not have proper communication with them except through letters which used to take time to reach and through telegram/telephone facilities for which they had to walk long distances, wait in queues and pay heavily.... God only knows how much they were inconvenienced with such living and I wonder how they used to attend to their exigencies in their lives?” thus was speaking a man of early thirties in a Group of similar age who were listening to him all the while except for a very elderly Well-wisher who was a little away but all the time listening to what the man was speaking....

The Well-wisher slowly walked up to the man, intervened and said, “My dear! Yes, What all you said is right, we had only those limited facilities with us what you have described and we had to live with the same.... But you may not know one thing here.... At the back of such severe limitations, we had our own Mental Strengths….We depended one hundred percent on the Almighty for the ultimate well being and safety of our Dear Ones and incessantly used to Pray unto Him for their welfare! That was the best job we could do in times of separation with our Dear Ones.... With such a deep Faith in our hearts, our Peace was very much with us even though the problems were more or less the same all the time now or then…. That way we were truly happy and contented in our times…."

While departing, the elderly Well-wisher smiled and said, “Whatever be the development with us, let us appreciate with all sincerity the effort of mankind behind all that, make use of it for our own well being and thus grow but never get off from the fact that ‘It is His Will that prevails ultimately!’ Thus all our achievements refined to whatever level be, are always limited for real usefulness in our lives at some point of time wherein a Firm Faith established in the Lord alone truly comes to rescue and saves us from such turmoils of life!"

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