Monday, June 9, 2014

I should ever avoid yielding to the 'Convenience!'

“I have a problem” the man said.... “Whenever, I want to act in the Right Way, I am afraid of the resistance and confrontation around.... That puts me off taking the Right Path.... Most of the times, it is no action but rarely a wrong action.... I feel a lot for the same.... But don’t you agree that it is better to avoid confrontation than stick to the ‘Right’ one hundred percent? Lesser evil is always better, is it not?”

“You may be correct only in certain situations that too with certain personalities and at places where truly a diplomatic attitude is required....” commented the wise man.... “But not in all our smaller issues.... I should not be afraid of the day to day issues and keep off from my Right Actions.... It's better call 'a Spade a Spade' in all such cases and make known to people around my intentions of sticking to the Right Actions as they are rather than speak less of the same.... 

It is only when the confrontation was expected to cause a major irreparable damage, certain Great Personalities had followed temporarily a yielding path for a moment.... The Great man had exited a Public Office from the back door when an enraged mob threatened the Officer-in-charge that they would burn the Office if He was not produced in front of them.... This was done deliberately to enable the Officer to show to the crowd that He was not inside and thus prevent the damage.... I am never great like those Personalities, am much, much far down in respect of the psychological strengths and hence may not be able to withstand many threats thrown at me.... Yes!  That is a fact with me and I should ever live at that level alone.... So, many threats aimed at me in my life have to be managed diplomatically and there is no go here....

But still, major part of our day to day issues with people around us who are law bound are no problem in general and in such cases too if I am still deviating from the Right Path, it is no excuse to say that I saved the situation.... Instead it is better, I agree that I yielded here to the convenience.... The Right Actions always need a lot of patience from my side to bear the general brunt from the surroundings and steadfastness in me should be ever on forefront in all such instances!”

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