Friday, June 6, 2014

Mannerisms sure have a limit!

A young man was constantly thinking of a polite behavior from him beyond whenever he was in a group of people i.e., A politeness beyond the ease of an individual.... Thus he used to put up an almost artificial behavior in groups of people when interacting and that in turn was causing a great stress in him.... He could no longer hold it in himself, at the earliest opportunity discussed the issue with a close elderly Well-wisher and sincerely sought a remedy for the same….

The Well-wisher looked at him, smiled and said, “Look! My dear, politeness, no doubt is a good quality with an individual and it makes many issues resolved instantly.... But what you have told me indicates that you have become a slave to it and thus lost your freedom in that process…. It is a disease with a few individuals and any one suffering from this problem, should soon control their behaviors….

Just remember that over pleasing some one is not your job as no one really gets pleased beyond whatever you may show or give to them.... That is very much natural for any one….In fact, by doing this, you are irritating a genuine individual as he / she may not be in a position to express that…. And, a few of them may sure turn off from you unable bear the nuisance....  In such a scenario, sometimes even the lesser is better, because that definitely soon brings back the required balance in behaviors of both the parties....

While departing the elderly quipped, “Let the attention from us even for a VVIP Guest be simmering a little when we deal with them.... The reason is…. At that very moment, even a VVIP Guest can fill up that small 'Missing Gap' through his / her own effort and social adjustment and that change is very much feasible for every one on the Earth.... And that quickly brings the required balance in the situation and soon the dust settles very nicely.... This is truly a Heroic Act rather than doing extra and thus indirectly surrender to another in the process which is many times below the dignity of any one around us.... But you have to remember forever here that the 'Missing Attention' should be as little as possible and should never go beyond that limit at any time!" 

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