Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Grace of Almighty....

The Great Saint once had said thus….

A brother and sister were playing the ‘Hide and Seek’ game in a Park…. Suddenly the brother had put on a ‘Mask’ and appeared in front of the sister…. The sister got terrified and instantly was paralyzed…. Seeing the Play too much for her, the brother immediately removed his Mask and appeared as usual in front of her with a cheerful smile…. That very moment, the girl was the happiest on earth to see the familiar face of her brother and thus remained totally calm….

The Almighty too has such a Love towards me…. He can never see me suffer even a second and is ever ready to Reveal Himself in front of me which Form is the Original that makes me Eternally Peaceful and Contented….

As long as I am interested in the Play here with its own thrills of worldly interest, the Lord too just Plays along with me according to my requirement…. In between, He gives me a chance to experience the extreme Serenity and Peace in life by posing to me a tough situation…. But as I continue to Play the Game here with the associated problems like all the Lovable Brother, the Almighty Allows me to do that too…. Again in between out of despair, the Moment I Surrender to Him with a feeling of helplessness and restlessness, He is at once by my side to take care of me!

What other True Support and Safeguard is required for me in my life in a helpless situation?

But a small reminder here….

The Master once again confirmed to a disciple thus for a question when he could see God…. He took him to the Sea, dipped him fully in waters for a few seconds, took him out and asked how he felt like for those few moments…. The disciple replied saying that there was no new thought in him other than yearning for a few breaths of air when he was down…. The Master said, “Unless you struggle thus for the Almighty, He will not appear in front of you!” 

So it is equally, a great struggle too to have His Ultimate Grace!  A Sincere Prayer Unto Him with a Total Surrender attitude does truly wonders in this context!

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