Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The 'Right' Vs The 'Wrong'....

Two friends had to wait at a Place in a Mall Area where a few chairs were arranged when their families had gone for an extended Shopping…. And the Mall area was fully crowded as it was a holiday….

All the chairs were occupied all the time and it was almost impossible to get the seating there…. But the two friends decided to get their seats there itself and sit in that place…

One said, “We will wait here without moving…. When some seat becomes vacant, one of us can immediately occupy that…. Else we’ll never get our seats….”

The other said, “I agree that we have to try and get our chairs…. But along with that, we should attend to a few personal needs and commitments too and so why not first finish them and then wait for the seats?”

Immediately, the first friend said, “There are hardly 5 chairs here with so many people moving around…. And those occupying the chairs too are not vacating the same faster…. If we get off from here, we can never get our seats…. I don’t mind waiting here even for an hr or more and it’s worth doing that as for the remaining approx 2 hrs time we have to wait, we will have a seat…. I’ll wait and try my best here, rather than go around for an hr, get exhausted and again wait for another hr or so to get a seat….”

The second friend left him and moved on to complete his works….

Approximately, an hr had elapsed thus…. And the second friend returned finishing his important works to be done.… As soon as he reached the Seating Place, suddenly 2 people vacated two adjacent chairs nearest to him and away from the waiting friend.…

The second friend just occupied one of the two keeping his bag in the other for his waiting friend…. The friend ran and occupied that seat kept for him….

There was a Message…. Our ‘Aimed Work’ is ‘Our Own Make’ and is not ‘What is to be Done’ and it may or may not produce the result anticipated where as 'What is to be Done’ sure suffers…. The best discipline is always to make a note of all the works to be done as per our responsibilities in the descending order of priorities not set by me but as built in the System, be doing them to the best of abilities, take the final result whatever comes in that process and be happy with that…..

The Best Example in this context being…..

The Great man’s son had become an alcoholic and often was commenting on the father’s actions who was preaching to people in General to be much disciplined in their life…. To a question, whether the Great man would accept his son or desert him as the son was not on the lines what He was Preaching and Practicing Himself, the Great Personality smiled and said, “As long as he does not leave his habit and talks against the Truthful Living which I assert very much, I have nothing to do with him as a father…. But the moment, he leaves his habit and comes to me truly repenting on what had happened, he is once again my son and I will start doing what I am supposed to do towards him!”