Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The 'Right way' of 'General Learning' in the World....

“It is fact that many times, I am not allowed to learn properly among my Group of friends…. See, Sir! I too want to learn and whenever I ask a question in that context, I am often ridiculed or bullied and then only given the right answer…. People around me feel so much to part with their knowledge 'As Is' and I have to struggle to get it from them…. In case I don’t ask, then also there is a problem…. You know.... I will become a laughing stock in no time without Proper Knowledge and that squarely is going to happen amidst many which is sure a disgrace to my Personality…. So, knowing / learning alone is the answer but there is a virtual price I have to pay for that…. Instead, I don’t mind paying a direct price for getting all this if possible…. I am sad!”

“See! Dear! I understand what all you said and that is the real problem in our life in this world as no one gives 'FREE'…. As you said, you may learn by paying a price for certain Knowledge but that is always limited because the General Knowledge is never taught beyond…. Moving with friends and learning through an active participation in many ways alone gives the Right Knowledge and makes my Learning complete…. Any one around me too expects me to learn that way only….

But let me tell you, there is a finer way of approach in this Great Learning Process which many times I may not be aware of…. Let me explain a little more here....

Whenever I move with people in my life, that active movement can be broadly classified as either Intervention / Interference or Interaction....

Questioning somewhat extra is Intervention and squarely getting into one's affairs is Interference…. And both of these have to be avoided carefully during the Learning Process….

No one likes to be intervened unnecessarily unless I have the necessary hold or power to do so…. And when it comes to Interference, they squarely show me my place or in no time show my way out…. Both these methods fail the earliest because I am in no way Superior to them nor it is necessary that they have to come to me….

The Right Way here is Proper Interaction only…. Proper Interaction, I use the word because I should first of all carry necessary respect for the other man for his / her extra Knowledge which I am presently lacking and which I want to make my own and that makes me forever a stronger man….

Thus seen in the Right way, I can quickly make out that here there is a lot to see, hear, grasp and infer by myself continuously before I ask any one…. This Whole Process itself has a Great Price of two important Components from my side Viz., Patience and Perseverance…. Tell me, have you completely exhausted these Methods of Learning first before verbally asking your friends 'What is What?'  If really done so, you would have been by this time 50-70% more Knowledgeable by yourself and with such back ground alone, further Learning through Verbal Interaction will have a Definite Edge and will surely make a Dent in the Whole Learning Process!


  1. Very true Patience & persistence. I also wrote a story for my elder daughter on Patience & persistence values & meaning.

    1. That's really Great! Anyhow, thanks for leaving a Nice Comment on the Post....