Monday, August 18, 2014

Here, I am not the 'BOSS' all the time; sometimes a 'FRIEND' too!'

“What should we do with this Employee who started neglecting his Work and had become a headache for us.... We can't fire him so easily as he.............” thus was asking the HOD a few of his Managers on the Corrective Action required for one of his Employees….

“Sir! Earlier, I tried my best to change him when he worked for me…. He is an adamant and head strong personality… I punished him twice for his bad Conduct, neglect of Work, breaking Rules etc through issue of the Show Cause Notice, postponing the Increment and demoting to a Lower Grade…. Give him the max punishment and if Rules permit, you can send him out….” said one of them with an air of Authority clearly seen on his face….

“Sir! Promote him to a Supervisory Role and make him work under me…. I’ll straighten him in no time through his own Responsibilities and his Sub-ordinates only will make him alright….” said the second Manager with a mischievous smile on his face full with many such tricks of gameplay in his mind….

“We can always bring a Change in a person through Counseling and Training.... I am sure, I can bring this change in him but I cannot promise anything at this stage…. Sir, transfer him to me and give me full powers to question him making him not come back to you with a Complaint….” said the next who appeared Advisory but clearly seen with a stick in his hand at his back….

“Sir! All these Methods do not set right a man who decided to err…. I would like to handle his Case and make him quite a different man…. Please do transfer him to me at this moment….” said calmly the fourth Manager with a smile…

“But, you have not told me how you bring a change in him....” asked the HOD….

“In the first instance, he will be made to undergo the necessary minimum punishment as per Rules for any pending mistakes from his side…. Soon, he will be back on to his Job with part of his sins washed out but the inner the 'Sin committing tendencies' not gone and more or less remaining the same…. Here alone I should play a Greater Role…. Basically this man is intelligent, quite energetic and sharp….These qualities in an individual, turn out ‘Gold’ at Work if he minds to do so…. A false belief and a false pride in him are putting him off from giving out this Contribution…. Here I can bring a Change in him...."

“How?  Finally, it should be either through a Reward or Education…. What else?"

“Along with the two, it is the 'Human Touch' that is needed here....Every One does not want an all time Boss with him / her…. They want to see a Friend and an Equal some times in their Boss too…. This, I found never happened and will never happen in the Methods our three friends have suggested…. An unnecessary Authority puts him off easily and we as MANAGERS ARE HAPPY IN EXERCISING THAT WITHOUT OURSELVES RELINQUISHING IT WHERE IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT REQUIRED…. When I interact in this way, he will definitely notice that and will soon develop an interest to listen to me.... That alone brings the True Change in him and  makes him Useful to us or to any other Organization…. Given me a Chance, I am ready to bring this Change!”

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