Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Less 'Possessive Attitude' alone is the 'True Safety' in life!

The Great Saint told a story….

"A father used to advised his son, 'What is not rightfully ours is never ours.... If by chance you happen to receive any excess money from others without their knowledge, give that back at the earliest.... In case you cannot trace the giver or giving back will cause some other issues which better we avoid, the money should in the earliest time be given away for the right Charity known to us.... If you do not do this, in future you will definitely lose more!'

Another man used to say to his son, 'You should not take any money forcibly from others.... But if one has forgotten or given away out of his / her carelessness, it is not your mistake at all.... Just take it and forget it....  You also will be giving away out of forgetfulness and thus losing many times like that.... Ultimately all will balance.... So, it is no loss or no gain in the end.... More than that nothing really happens!'

Both the young boys had grown into the matured adults but continued with the habits what their fathers had taught.... Both might have got approximately a total of same extra monies on many occasions put together, but one gave away all that and the other retained all....

Once a while, the other way also happens.... The first man had lost about certain money not less but equally not huge....A few days later the other man too had lost approximately the same money….”

The Master stopped the story at that point of time and asked the disciples, “Tell me now.... How can we say that what the honest father said is correct when ultimately both had lost approx equal monies?”

The disciples did not know what to say and were silent....

The Master said, “Both people had lost almost equal monies.... But all their life, the ways both of them looked at money were totally different....  One had seen it as an entity not to be bothered too much except the care and attention required in making use of it as well as in protecting it where as, the other had seen it as the one that belonged to him as dearer, loved it all the while and looked at it as a precious entity.... Thus, over a period of time the first son had discarded it truly by giving importance to the Truthful part of it and the other possessed it with a belonging feeling and lived the Untruthful way….That’s the reason, when both lost the same amounts nearly, one had felt it as simple loss and left the thought soon but the other son had felt it as precious fortune lost and thus worried too much for the loss!”

The Master concluded, “As we live through our life with a strong possessive feeling around, any change there appears as a big pain and recovery takes time.... But, when we live with less possessive attitude and more duty consciousness, the changes are seen natural and will be accepted with all lightness in heart.... Here, the loss is felt either as light or sometimes no loss at all but just an happening in one's life!”

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