Sunday, August 10, 2014

The 'IMPASSE' in Life....

"In every Walk of Life, I foresee a certain risk…. It is one of the risks of either
  • Failing in what is aimed at or
  • Losing something or
  • Facing a threat or
  • Getting involved in unnecessary issues or
  • Being subjected to many travails or
  • Being driven to a 'NO GO' situation or
  • Being made to accept the unwanted 
and many more such risks…. That way seen, this life appears to be totally meaningless with my so called the elaborate Plans at the back of too many Aspirations….. What for all this, when here the next moment is so uncertain? Now a days, I am too much disturbed in this line…. I find that I can do nothing much in this situation, except continue doing my normal jobs and leave rest to the God…. Of late many times this way alone is going on, the so called 'MY DAY' in my life….” thus was saying a man of mid thirties on a certain occasion to an elderly well-wisher who was considered to be a man of great Wisdom and deep Thinking….

The elderly listened to him for a while, smiled and said, “Dear! It is strange that I hear such words from you…. This attitude is never good for a man of your calibre and age....You should straight away rise and feel confident of yourself in all the activities you are presently doing in your life!”

“Yes! Sir! I agree that I should do my job and other works here to a perfection…. Beyond that, I too should have some inspiration in me to look ahead, is it not? This moment, I see nothing in front is able to keep me attentive! I see a sort of emptiness everywhere around and in all with me…. May be this is the Ultimate Truth of Life that the Great Men had talked of often….”

“Dear! What you are experiencing this moment is not the Ultimate Truth of Life but sure a certain Despondency…. This very Despondency is likely come up in our life at times, when one major activity closes and a new activity is seen ahead which looks like a burden filled with unexplained tensions…. Or it may be because the issues in front have become too routine and are going on on their own….” the elderly paused for a while and continued….."This situation is just a temporary Phase in life and soon you will be pulled towards your actions with all vigor…. Till that time what you talk of is often called the Dry Philosophy with no Substance in it…

Dear! There is no doubt on what you said but let us take a second look at the risks of life you mentioned…. If seen with all attention, I clearly notice that....

  • There are certain risks in front of us where in facing the same is inevitable in our life, the examples being facing the Professional Risks and the Risks in meeting our Core Responsibilities....
  • There are the calculated risks in front when we aim at meeting our Aspirations of life or go ahead with our own Expressions….
  • Finally there are risks which we should avoid at all costs by taking timely Precautions and following the laid out Safety Rules….
All along, my life goes on in full vigor with all activities at the back of these risks alone…. But, that life alone has a true meaning to me, living that life alone is my very purpose being here on the Earth and doing all such activities continuously to the best of my abilities alone is the main aim of my life…. Beyond all such doings alone, I should Offer my Humble Daily Prayer to the Almighty for a Better Tomorrow the Zeal in me ever continuing…. Are you really serious here in respect of all these or simply passing the buck by neglecting the true care to be taken by you right at this moment quoting very easily “What is there in life?  Nothing is guaranteed here!”