Sunday, August 17, 2014

The ‘Right Way’ to fight out the so called ‘Our Tensions!’

  • “Now-a-days, I am constantly worried if some thing seriously goes wrong at this stage and the next moment appears totally……….”
  • “Sometimes, I can’t even think in this direction, as the fear of facing a situation like that……..”
  • “Here, the very thought itself keeps me in a state of totally disturbed mind……..”
  • “Big or small, the existing life has at least some peace of mind and at this stage simply taking this risk makes me feel…….”
  • “I can never think of being in such a situation for more than a few minutes and imagine one getting stuck there……..”
  • “Suddenly, if it happens say……, My God! What is that anyone can do…..”
  • “I am forever worried here because let us imagine if today, right at this moment……”
Thus go sometimes our Conversations whatever indicating in all, a feeling of Great Insecurity and Fair Chance of something seriously going 'Wrong' around with our 'Peace Lost' for a while….

No doubt to say that it is always the Human Nature to Doubt, Check, Make Sure and then alone Move and it is ever my Duty too be doing that in my life…. Beyond that, further living with such haunting thoughts not able to reasonably free myself for a greater time is never the Right attitude with me and it is better I soon find a True Way ‘OUT’ here….

And that Way may not the be ‘Ultimate Way’ here, as I am not Evolved to that Level at this Stage which too appears not going to happen in the ‘Known Time’ of my life…. Thus, the Righty Way here, from which ever angle I may see is…..

The ‘Happenings’ in the Universe, the ‘Great Phenomenon’ around is fully not known to me Today even thought I try making my best attempt to rationalize that through ‘Theorizing and Experimentation’ which once again is a ‘Bounden Duty’ with me at this Moment i.e., reasonably following what is Established through Known Proofs…. Beyond, the Effect of Unknown on me at this Stage can definitely be kept off by Offering a Sincere Prayer to the All Powerful, the Omniscient and the Omnipotent, of course only after the discharge of my Bounden Duties and Responsibilities as the Almighty forever expects me Approach Him through such a 'Way' always…. And right at this Moment, this Path alone gives me the ‘True Peace of Mind!'

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