Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A 'Doubt' that many times needs 'Clarification!'

“Master, it is many times heard thru’ and read in our Sacred Books that the Great Men of the Earth have acted in varied ways at certain specific instances of their lives even though we all the time were firmly told to act in a particular way in line with our Duties…. I have a Question here…. Should it not be imperative for these Great Personalities themselves first stick to the Path proclaimed by them as the Right for people and thus not create a doubt or confusion in them on the course of action?

For example, the Great Warriors of Kurkshetra who were truly Men Worthy of Worship have stayed totally on the wrong side when they could have easily come out saying that they would never support the wrong even though they were Members of the Kuarava King’s Court? And knowingly well that their King was never the Righteous man, why at all these Great Men were in his Court? They could have very much left him in the beginning itself….

Like wise, the Great Philosopher used to say all the time, ‘Work, Work, Work…. There is nothing equal to that!’ but again used to say sometimes, ‘If you find time, stop Working and Meditate!’

The Master used to jump on the grass while walking saying, ‘I don't want to harm the grass as I walk!”

The Great Saint sat in front of God with feet out and when pointed Proclaimed, ‘Where should I keep my feet? I see God Everywhere!’

Why did not all these Great Men speak as well as do exactly the same what they all the time asked us to do thus setting a True Example from their side?”

“Dear! What our Sacred Books forever reiterated as our duties is a Relative Phenomenon in the Universe in respect of an ordinary human being who is no doubt far away from the Divine Knowledge even though eternally working to Know that…. Till that Auspicious Moment dawns in one, sincerely doing the Duties laid out in front of all of us alone is the Safe Way of sailing through this life nothing less at anytime…. There is no single doubt here and all the Great Men and Women of the Earth forever meant this alone thru’ their Actions and Sayings….

The very Reason why these Great Personalities, a few times did the other way is again purely out of the Divine Love towards the Humanity…. And they have their own reason for the very contradictory action done by them at a particular moment and simultaneously have no reason too…. The Great Meaning being whenever such an Eternal Love prevails with some one any Action done by them is forever justified as the Right Action of the Moment and the entire Universe too Gears Up at that moment to support such an Action…. These Personalities of the Earth who proclaimed all such Sayings were just there to unwind the left out effects of their earlier deeds and thus were truly the Evolved Souls at that point of time…. Thus their Actions and Proclamations forever are Sacred and are approved all the time….

To say again, it is ever imperative for me to stick to the Path of Dharma that is very much taught to me all along and be continuously doing the related activities alone as at the moment I am not bestowed with the Universal Love…. The Great Men expected every one of us first improve ourselves in the quality of our ‘self’ thru’ the very discharge of these Duties and thus steadily Rise in our life!”

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