Monday, September 15, 2014

The 'Ultimate' at Work!

The man worked hard, produced a Product and said, “Now I should get my Salary in a Royal Way!”

The Boss said, “It is OK this time…. Next time, a Quality Product is required to be produced from your end before you think of any Salary!”

The man soon produced the Quality Product and claimed a Right on his Salary.....

Th Boss said, “It is OK this time…. Next time, you should give such a Product in time!”

The man produced the next Product in time and stressed on the Right Salary....

The Boss said, “It’s OK this time…. Next time, I should be able to sell it in the Market!”

Next time, the man waited for that to happen and then claimed his Salary….

The Boss said, “It’s OK this time…. Next time, the Competitor should not come in our way!”

The man waited for that moment when the Competitor exited from the Business without much struggle and then demanded his Salary….

The Boss said, “It’s OK this time…. Next time, the Customer should come to us again!”

The man improved his skills, worked efficiently to produce the improved end Product and then said with a Pride, “I’ve achieved the Ultimate! Now my Right Payment can never be stopped!”

But the next day the Boss was seen all sad….. The man enquired the reason for it….

“A few days back, it so happened that one of our men spilled a bit of soup on his dress and went to the Customer Meeting with the Mark seen on the dress…. The Customer was instantly put off with the bad appearance and presentation and was disturbed beyond…. Later he conveyed to our GM that he was thinking of placing the next Order on M/s……….. instead of giving that to us…. Our GM is apprehensive of a thinner Order Book this year if he takes it seriously as he is our Potential Customer covering half of our Orders…. Our Management is presently geared up to please the Customer whatever it be.... Immediately, they are planning a temporary price cut in our Products…. If they do it, every one of us have to take a cut in our Salaries as then alone we would be able to achieve the True Customer Satisfaction which is very much required at this moment!”