Friday, September 26, 2014

Ultimately, 'Eternal Love' alone does the 'Right!'

A Great Philosopher was once requested by a widow of mid fifties to bring back her husband alive as she could not bear the separation from him and the same was too much for her.... The Master had accepted the request but asked her a question, “Which husband do you want me bring back to life?” Taken aback by His question, she looked at Him totally bewildered.... The Great Saint smiled and said, “Your husband from the moment he was born on the earth or from the moment he was married to you till the moment he ceased to exist was a different individual at each moment of life and in that way alone I wish to know which ‘Particular Moment’ individual you like to have back?”

The lady instantly understood that 'Change' is an inevitable Phenomenon in Nature, her request itself was inappropriate and continue taking care of what was with her at a Moment would be the only Right Action from her side at any point of time....

Thus to say, our minds can never capture this continuous change ever going on in the Universe.... The mind can experience or remember an event / detail and there is a great interest from the back of the mind to repeat all such experiences which are pleasant and avoid the ones which are unpleasant....

The brain and the mind in one way are the best tools to remember and reproduce the happenings because out of these remembrances one can plan and safeguard his / her life....   But where things are distinguished as pleasant and unpleasant, there the mind becomes a defective tool as it can never make a note of the Reality in that context and thus can never recognize the Right Action required in a situation....

Thus sometimes in our life instead of firming up based on our own decisions, taking the suggestion of an independent Outsider may be a safer way..... It may look strange, but what I cannot perceive, an Outsider can see it more correctly….

Once again since even a single Outsider also may be limited a few times, the better way would be Consensus from an independent Group....  Generally, a Group flourishes on the Principles of Natural Justice and Rightful Living and the actions supported by a Group are more or less the Right Ones….

But there also limitations do come up occasionally when tough decisions have to be taken as a Particular Group might have been influenced in a certain way….

So, ultimately depending on our Sacred Books for the Right Code of Conduct is the Safe Way of sailing through all trivial situations of life towards the Welfare of all as the Sayings from these Sacred Books are nothing but direct Perceptions of the Great Realized Souls who forever carried with Them an Eternal Love for one and all equally!


  1. Very nicely put. Yes change is inevitable - just that we find it hard to accept the change when it does not favour us. By training the mind one can adapt to change, the easier way of course is to go by the books.

    1. Yes! You said it very much Right! It may look initially a bit difficult to follow the Sacred Books as the Path is more effort linked in an Orderly Way but its better I try to do as much as possible in this direction for my own ultimate good.... Thanks for the good Comment!