Saturday, October 11, 2014

A 'Doubt' that very much needs 'Clarification!'

“Sir! Presently, most of my day goes in taking Care of my Body, my Work and my Family Responsibilities and some of my Personal Activities around…. Thus, almost I find no time on any day to do what I very much wanted to do in my life and further I don’t see that it is going to happen in coming up future too with this type of Life Style in front of me…. No doubt, I am equally happy in doing all this now but that does mean to say that this life is this much alone and nothing more which many times I feel I am missing? I feel equally sad when I think thus!”

“Dear! What you are presently doing, you should continue to do and in fact with more dedication and less deviation as there is no go here for you at present….

I equally agree that ultimately, you should do what you like to do in your life and nothing less at anytime but I have a question here…. Do you really know what you want to do in your life? I doubt that very much as none of us know that so easily and may be almost never too in this life….

What you experience that something you want to do is mostly at a very weak Level and is never strongly felt at this moment in you but the other forces in you are too strongly covering you up which can bring untold misery if not taken care in time…. In fact, if I can say the other way…. The activities you are presently doing are the ones you really like to do at this moment and there is no single doubt in this! So better we continue doing these endless activities you mentioned mostly thru’ out our life and wait patiently for the Almighty’s Grace to descend on us whatever be the Level thru’ a Daily Prayer and thus be Blessed!

Please remember…. The Great Saint alone could take in one hand Gold and in the other mud and could throw both of them into the Sacred River declaring, “Both are the same to me!” As I am very much Limited in experiencing such a Great Freedom in me at this moment, it is ever safe for me to do that alone what our Elders have repeatedly told us to do and what the Scripture have reiterated that one should do…. i.e., What you are doing endlessly today!”

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